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The Old Architecture of Mændenes Hjem

The entrance is hidden down the small street. The windows are opaque – those inside is not to be looked at! You enter a reception area which acts as a control function. There is glass so you can see but not articulate your concern with coming. The staff comes to the door and addresses you.


You enter rooms with old dirty vinyl, all similar primary school chairs and tables and walls also with institutional character. You are not respected as a ‘proper person’.

Mændenes Hjem (The House of Men) at Istedgade, Vesterbro, Copenhagen:

The old front - the entrance was hidden at the back.

The "East German Border Control" like reception/control post

The billard room and the night café

The injection set pick-up point for drug addicts and the toilet

The cantina and the TV lounge

Only hard furniture is avaliable. Here's someone taking a nap.

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