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Anker 1

Dad behind bars


KØS -  museum of art in public spaces

How does it feel for a kid to have a parent in prison? Together with a 10th grade class we investigated and made an exhibition about relationship. The exhibition was a annex to the exhibition “Art Behind Bars” about public funded art for the new East Jutlands Prison.

The exhibition were in two part. One about how it feels to have a parent in prison, where the pupils gave their expression about this. It included an interview with one of the pupils that had a dad in prison, sound from interviews with two inmates that had kids and other more expressive artistic expressions. The other part was a 1:1 model of a proposal for a new interior design of the visiting room at Køge Arrest.

Køge Arrest accepted and implemented the new “kid friendly” interior design and got inmates to help decorate it.


Mie Mortensen
Navarana Bodil Thorning Madsen
Roya Javaherizadeh
Sandra Grynderup Bruun
Camilla Bøhlers
Caroline Julie Holten Christiansen
Michelle Larsen
Aziza Ruslan Mamedova
Emilie Lykke Safft
Amneh Ahmad Ali (Amina)
Kitt Søgaard Nielsen
and teacher Susanne Hviid

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