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The World is yours -  Fisken

2006 - 2007

Vesterbro, København

Interior design and building process with users of Fisken (The Fish), an after school club for 12-20 year old immigrant boys.

With concept designer/artist Mette Høj

For a youth club where mainly young immigrant boys come I was invited to refurbish the interior and façade. I suggested using the project as a process with the boys to empower them and be part of changes in their spare time club.

Through a workshop with the staff and individual interviews with the boys we found a gab. The staff had a pedagogical and educational aim for the place whereas the boys just needed a place to hang out. The told us that they do not have the option to take friends home in a casual manner as Danish kids do – so they need a place to be.

We therefore decided to make sure the club is attractive enough and competitive with the street so that the boys come. We therefore carefully design it on the terms of the boys. Through workshops, where we presented loads of visual inspiration from which the boys picked out all the liked.
These ideas we put together into a coherent and functional design. The boys participated in the planning, design, purchasing, sponsorship and building of the interior.

Read more (report)

More pictures (from Fisken before the project and from the process)

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