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Rooseum FutureArkiv


Design of The FutureArkiv at Rooseum by Fos and Kenneth A. Balfelt, 2002

We were invited by Rooseum to solve a functional problem: To redesign the FutureArkiv space. This because it was not used as much as they wished. Propably due to a bad interior atmosphare as well as wrong connotations.

The FutureArkiv is an archive of items selected by artists that works with Rooseum. E.g. books, music and films. Each artist selects ten items that inspire them at the moment.

The room was a white cube. Grey floor, white walls and neon lights. This signifies “don’t touch”, “don’t speak” and “don’t sit”. Our aim was then to reformulate these signs. We e.g. worked with infusing tactility, better acustic to “non-ecco talking”, nice seating, an entry coding system so that all items could be immediately identified.

The Wall Text:

This is the Future Archive. You are welcome to sit, read, watch, listen. The books, videos and records have been chosen by people who work with Rooseum. They were asked to name 10 items that were especially important to them at the moment of our request. As well as being a rich apparatus for visitors to explore, the future archive gives you a unique insight into the passions of the participants and an interesting sidelight on their work as artists. It serves as a source for the ideas, influences and memories that have passed through the Rooseum. The contents are catalogued according to each individual and can be checked against the large wall register. These individual choices ultimately add up to a collective cut through contemporary culture and Rooseum’s expanded horizons, and becomes a documents of artists´ interests in the early twenty-first century.



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