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Anker 1

Alcoholics Sunbathe Too 


Udstilling, Charlottenborg

Guidelines for better cityspaces with marginalised people

Installation for the exhibition Make Yourself at Home for Kunsthal Charlotteborg, Denmark. Curated by Koyo Kouoh and Charlotte Bagger Brandt. In collaboration with Hausenberg og Spektrum Arkitekter.

For the exhibition we made a presentation of the report “The public space as living room – Urban renewal with space for socially marginalized“ with an artistic translation and expansion of the findings. We also presented the project “Relocation of Beer Drinkers” which took place in the public space.

Socially marginalized people use public spaces more than the rest of us, many of them reduced to staying in the spaces of the city around the clock, all year round. Therefore their presence, needs and use are important to consider when renovating the park and beautifying the square. The marginalized people are entitled to recognition as equal citizens with the right to frequent the space of the city. And we must deal with the social problems which happen to exist in our cities. Although we might wish for a society without homelessness and abuse, the social problems do not disappear because we remove the benches – they merely move somewhere else.


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