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Artistically Developed Methods for User Involvement 


Publication, inspiration, guide

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In this publication, we present a number of principles, themes and methods that Kenneth Balfelt Team (KBT) has developed and follows when doing user involvement in working with art and urban development. We review, among other things, how we understand the relationship between artist / advisor and citizens, about the distribution of roles in the design phase, and about KBT’s relationship to time and integrity.


Secondly, we present the handheld methods we use in relation to how we specifically approach art and urban space projects: Who do we involve, how many - and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of conversation and meeting? We also show how a thorough citizen involvement phase can have a conflict resolving effect on the local area if you strategically share your knowledge and insight with the residential areas.


Finally, we review a number of the outputs that you get if you prioritize a thorough involvement process.

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